10 Brilliant Basement Bar Ideas

The basement is usually the most underutilized room in the home. With basement bar ideas, you can transform the area that holds junk into a functional space to celebrate the good times! Bring your family and friends downstairs to a new area to enjoy the living space.

Here are 10 Brilliant Basement Bar Ideas for you!


Take Note of the Space you Have and Theme you Want to Present

Larger areas will allow you to create wonderful spaces filled with televisions, pool tables, chat sets and other personal favorites. Smaller scaled areas you can still create a cozy bar environment, you just have to be more precise and creative.


Wood makes a powerful statement

When choosing your materials for the walls and floors when finishing your basement, wood is a natural uplifting design aesthetic and ties everything in together. It is cozy and makes the space comfortable. The above example showcases wood in 3 key areas.

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Bar Structure

Basement Bar Idea: Keep your Storage and Blend it with the Room.

In this example we have a beautiful wood bar that also has practical basement storage options. Neatly organized shelving and bins keep your items safe and gives it a neat look while still having your wonderful conversational bar setup. Can also have a section for the kiddies to play.

Crisp Bar Decor with the Right Colors

Soothing neutral tones in the room will make your bar have people feel at ease. Throw in splashes of color and some nice bar stools like the navy bar stools in this picture for elegance. The marble bar top adds a nice touch to the room and you have plenty of cabinets and wall space for functionality in the room.

Go for That Sophisticated Pub Look

Feel free to use aluminum, wood and leather in your basement bar room to give it more of a local pub feel to it. Here we have a top notch cozy bar in a smaller space which as mentioned earlier can be a challenge. But look at how well the basement flows in the smaller space.

Use of Neon Signs

Neon signs have been in all of your favorite bars, why not include it in your own home. It adds to the conversation and feel to the room and you can go on Ebay or Etsy to find some great neon signs. This room has another section of the basement for the purpose of entertainment with the wall mounted television and board games.

Basement Bar Ideas

Create a Bar of Character

This above example showcases a full bar setup with appliances, extra space and even a bar with discreet shelving. The lighting above the bar also adds a warm touch to the room and adds value to the time spent at it.

Billiards Anyone?

Besides the bars of the past with jukeboxes playing your favorite tunes while enjoying a drink, you also have the element of gaming while relaxing. If you have the space, feel free to add a pool table to your basement bar ideas and make it a reality. Your kids will thank you and guests looking to enjoy a few games will also appreciate the recreational aspect you have added to the room!

A Cozy Chat Set.. Why Not?

This basement bar idea includes the use of a wonderfully decorated area including a four person chat/dining room setup. Enjoy some of your favorite bar foods before heading to the main section to get your drinks and indulge in engrossing conversation. The chairs are upholstered in an interesting fabric used to make a statement in the room and have your eyes drawn to it. Well done!

Farmhouse Bar Decor Style

Go back to basics with aluminum framed bar stools, wood, brick and you have the essentials for a farmhouse basement bar decor room. This is a different look compared to the other basement bar ideas, but can work wonders if you own a farmhouse and want to expand that style to your basement.


The Purpose of the Basement Bar

The idea here is to take a space that is often used as a warehouse and turn it into a lovely room full of functionality. You will create wonderful memories in this room and be proud to come downstairs after a long day to enjoy a drink, some entertainment and lounge around. I hope that these basement bar ideas have inspired you to look at different avenues of design and pick the one that works for you. Thank you for reading and make sure to subscribe to get more updates on home decor and design!