10 Fantastic Farmhouse Decor Living Room Ideas

Who doesn’t want a cozy and inviting living room? These 10 fantastic farmhouse decor living room ideas will inspire you to bring out all the elements in traditional and more modern variations of the style in wonderful fashion.

What Makes A Living Room Farmhouse Decor Style?

To start with this design you want to have a soothing template of colors in the room. Especially the walls being a neutral color makes this a simple design choice. Stay away from bold colors as this takes you away from the country feel and you definitely want to go with whites, beiges and grays.

Using Natural Materials

I personally recommended mixing in natural materials such as wood (furniture, walls, accent pieces) for a cozy rustic look. Add some plants in the room for life and finish it off with a classic rug. Persian rugs also look great with this type of home decor so feel free to find one that suits your style.

Antiques, Antiques, Antiques…

Antiques are also a huge hit with this style. They work so well and showcase your personal touch to the farmhouse living room decor you are showcasing to all of your friends and family. So go to your favorite thrift store or Ebay looking for antiques that really complete your living room design. A farmhouse living room decor needs to look lived in and aged so sometimes the older and more classic your finds are, the better!

Mantle Decor

Make sure to have classic pictures, antique signs and other rustic items you may find to complete your mantle showcase.

Modern Farmhouse Decor

In this example you can see the classic elements such as wooden panel walls, fireplace and neutral color tones. However we have also broken the traditional rules with adding chairs of color and more contemporary accessories such as the coffee table.

Thrift Stores For Wonderful Finds

The furniture in the room can be second hand thrift bought such as repurposed wooden coffee tables as this gives it a lived in look. Sticking with upholstered furniture in neutral tones will also help keep consistency with the walls and provide balance, while you use other home decor accessories to add character into the room.


Smaller Living Space

The above example shows a smaller living space but true to the farmhouse decor living room style. Wood furniture everywhere, neutral tones and plenty of accessories that take you back to the slower times.

Wicker Accessories are Great Additions to the Room

Make sure to use natural wicker in brown tones. This can certainly showcase the farm house lifestyle going back to the early days of weaving baskets. This example showcases a fun wicker coffee table with wheels, adding great personality to the room.

You can also use accent throw pillows to give dashes of color into the space for a more welcoming feel to your seating pieces.


Living room - Table

Timeless and Classic

The farmhouse decor living room is a style that you can choose to use in any type of dwelling. Making it work will require that you put all the elements together and keep it classic. From the use of natural materials, to neutral colors, to antiques. Make it a fun project that you enjoy the process of building.

Another great part about this style is that you can do it on the cheap.  Buy second hand furniture that is available with thrift store accessory treasures you find at great prices.

I hope that these pictures and ideas have inspired you to take action and build your dream farmhouse living room. With your passion to making this space a special one, you can achieve fantastic comfortable living spaces in a short period of time.