10 Must See Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Intro to Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

In the beginning of home building in the United States, farmhouse design was meant for the purpose of being practical. Not even meant to impress guests, it was built with what materials that were available in the rural areas where these houses were located. Think simple yet functional. Over time building materials, electricity and other utilities such as water were more accessible in the rural areas where the farm houses were located and this paved the way for new innovations in farmhouse design.  These blends of materials created a cozy warm charm also known as the farmhouse style. Today we are going to show examples of classic and contemporary farmhouse bathroom decor.


Introducing color into Farmhouse Bathroom Design

The above example showcases the heavy use of wood furniture with cabinets and mirrors with a splash of color on the walls to suck you in to this type of design. What works so well is the tie in with the classic elements of this style.


Flooring in the Farmhouse Decor in the Bathroom

Your floors are a very big part of creating the charm in these design of the room. In this example clean subtle marble flooring is used but this is not limited to the category. Wood and tiled floors are also very popular staples in Farmhouse bathroom decor.


Sink Design

This picture showcases a double sink with all of the elements of farmhouse decor including faucet handles and hardware. The combination with wood goes down to the roots of the early days of design and adding wicker baskets provides storage for towels and other bathroom goods. Tile flooring that fits well with the paint color in this bathroom is another plus of this hybrid design of old and new.


Sometimes it is OK to Deviate from Classic Design

In this example, we see a larger bathroom with plenty of aspects of farmhouse accessories, paint colors, floors but with the addition of a walk in shower. We also see an encased bathtub which is usually the cornerstone of this decor. But when you look at it, it works so well. Do not be afraid to try something new with your designs!



Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Make sure to go to your favorite home decor store such as a Homegoods and pick up some classic old fashioned knick knacks to put into your farmhouse bathroom. Flowers, signs, rugs, wall art and baskets are perfect examples of what you may want to include in the space. In this example we are delighted by the amount of accessories with this beautiful wooden shelving ladder holding the bath towels. Anything reminding you of the country can be a suitable fit provided your space and designing goals. But accessories really shine in this type of decor.


Accessories Continued

Above we can see a pouf ottoman with wooden legs right near the classic bathtub. It adds a unique but calming color to the farmhouse bathroom decor which we want and also under a rug of more contemporary style. The addition of a plant right on the bathtub brings us to our roots with nature. Also the framed art on the walls ties into the color of the rug and brings in more personality to the room. Make sure to make it your own and have the accessories reflect your lifestyle and preferences.


Soothing colors all the way

When choosing your flooring and wall paint colors, try to remind yourself of the end goal of farmhouse bathroom decor. The charm and simple life. Thats what you want to convey when completing your look. This picture includes a rare but sometimes used shower curtain in the spirit of farmhouse decor.


The Most Important Part of Farmhouse Bathroom Decor: Bathtub

It draws you in when entering the room. So many aspects of design revolve around this piece and rightfully so. It’s just so classic and fits the style of your home perfectly. Consistency is key with home decor design and the bathtub adds charm and delight to any modern or classic bathroom in the farmhouse realm.


Black and White

This is an important element of farmhouse decor in the bathroom using the traditional fixtures to go with it. In this example we see a black and white farmhouse bathroom decor theme with a mix of wood. The mirror and small area rug pick up the small amount of black we need to go with the crisp white paint, tile and bathroom sink.



Farmhouse Bathroom Decor is Charming

With todays fast paced lifestyle of technology 24/7 available to you, it can be quite hectic, overwhelming and over stimulating. Farmhouse decor brings you back to a slower pace of life. A time you could kick back and really connect with nature and your loved ones. The bathroom is a great place to get refreshed and have a fresh start of your day with an old fashioned bath. Take in the sights of your bathroom decor and real revel in the old fashioned place it brings you to. With these top 10 inspirational pictures, I hope you find some decor ideas that suit you and help create your dream space in the bathroom.