5 Must See Living Room Design Ideas

Living room design ideas are great when looking to refresh the look and feel of your area. If you are tired of the same old same old feel your room has, it is time to update to a new design style. Included in this post are multiple types of living room design ideas that you can implement and work your room around for a fresh start!

What to do before a Living Room Redesign

It is important to take into account what the room is being used for primarily. Will this be more for aesthetic appeal and used gently over time? Will this room be used with great amounts of time involved watching television, reading, and entertaining guests? After you make your decision on this it is time to go over elements of the living room design ideas. These include pieces of furniture, lighting, wall decor and other accessories. Let’s dive into 5 Must see living room designs ideas to give you ideas and start the creative process in finding your new dream space!



Bohemian Living Room Design

This style is all about letting it all go. Getting creative and letting your inner design child run wild. Think bold and vibrant on the theme of your colors in the room. You want to achieve a “zen like” state with plants, interesting rugs, blankets/pillows with fringe and wall art that sets you free. Your guests will certainly have a lot to say about the bohemian living room design you have went with and endless conversation will follow!



Coastal Living Room Design

The coastal living room design is all about a relaxing vibe set out on the destination of your favorite nautical retreat. The oceanic landscape will guide you with a light, refreshing decor including the choice of your furniture, wall art and other accessories. Some favorites in the coastal living room include wicker furniture and seagrass tables. For your upholstered pieces of furniture it is recommended to go with crisp whites, neutral colors or shades of blue. You want to bring a peaceful feel and calm into the room. Plants are a huge plus in this design theme as well as a soothing rug to complement the overall aesthetic.


Industrial Living Room Design

This modern edge design can be portrayed as a warehouse type feel with vintage decor pieces. The industrial living room design features open spaces and mechanical design materials. Think reclaimed wood, metal, wires, bolts as some aspects to this home decor type. Leather sofas and chairs are often used in this style that are thick and welcoming. This helps balance the act between the raw urban style of the accent pieces and gives it the charm you want in your industrial living room.


Traditional Living Room Design

You might already have a traditional living room setup in your home. And that is totally ok! You can use modern decor ideas to spruce it up into a more appealing living space. Having a stylish coffee table really helps bring attention to the balance of your couches and chairs that you have in your room. You can go on a site like wayfair to find hundreds of traditional coffee tables that will work well in your room. This is the center of your room! Tufted button upholstered furniture is very popular in traditional living room design. Going with neutral colors can help bring out visual pop from your rug and wall decor.coastal living-room-design

The Power of Accessories in Living Room Decor

As we can see in the above picture, accessories give this room the look that draws you in. From the accent tables, lamp, plants, and mixing materials on the furnishings it really does an excellent job of creating a cozy home decor living space. You can certainly tell shopping for unique and interesting home decor accessories was a huge priority in design and the result is truly spectacular. All other design elements are put into play here for an excellent outcome.


Cozy and Inviting Living Room Decor Should Be Your Main Priority

In learning to decorate a living room, being cozy should be the main focus. No matter the choice of design: Industrial, Coastal, Traditional, Boho Chic, you want to have your family and guests want to stay in the room and enjoy their surroundings. Given the right furnishings, wall art, rug and other accessories will do the job creating the balance you need to make your dream space. The living room is such a special piece to the puzzle in home decor and given some of the ideas you have seen today, you can start updating your space to exactly where you want it to be!