Gloster Teak Furniture – Brand Spotlight

Your patio and outdoor areas need that stylish appeal! Enter my favorite type of wood furnishings: Gloster Teak Furniture. A main benefit to going with teak wood is the low maintenance and lifespan the furniture will have. Nobody has time to slave over cleaning their furniture after every rainfall and season after season of wear. A follow up guide on how to clean teak furniture will be coming in the future, but you will have plenty of time until you actually need to clean it.


What is teak?

Teak is a wood material that is close grained and has a high natural oil presence. The benefits of teak is that it is highly resistant to rotting as well as protection from all of the elements that can damage furniture such as rain, snow, sun rays and even frost. It is as stylish as it is strong and made to endure many years of heavy use both residentially and commercially.

Why Gloster Teak Furniture?

This brand has exceptional quality and a brand name reputation you can trust. Their factories of plantation grown teak are located in Indonesia. Since the 1980’s, demand to produce this type of furniture for the outdoor areas and patios had increased and Gloster teak furniture had expanded to produce many wonderful designs of sofas, chairs, tables, chaise lounges and dining sets. Their team of craftsman are highly skilled and motivated to produce substantial pieces of furniture by hand made to last 50 or more years.

Never buy cheap as a rule of thumb!

You will always get what you pay for in life and this is especially true with patio furniture. It might be tempting to purchase a lower end design for less, but for your beautiful home you deserve the best. Gloster teak has many collections at different price points, but their quality is top notch and worth every penny. Nowadays we do so much entertaining outside and depending on what part of the United States you live in, your mileage may vary with the time you have for a season of outdoor celebrations and get togethers.


Gloster Teak Furniture – Best Selling Ventura Collection

This collection has been around for ages and I certainly know exactly why. It is classic teak furniture design with comfy plush cushions. You can have your choice of Sunbrella fabric and be ready for total outdoor bliss. The Ventura collection is available in deep seating conversation style pieces as well as dining.


Gloster Teak Ventura Dining Collection: Made for Many Guests

One of the problems many people can face for their patio and outdoor areas is furniture not suitable to handle larger amounts of guests. With Gloster teak furniture you do not need to worry with spacious large dining available to you! Get your favorite dining wear and accessories and you are ready to go. Another advantage of teak furniture for dining tables is that you do not need to clean glass after every use and before each event. The teak is very easy to wipe down and always presents itself well with its finish.


Gloster Teak Loop Collection

The loop collection features straps in the back for a more open design and added comfort. This beautiful example showcases a complete set of the loop collection with chairs, ottoman, loveseat and accent table. Stylish yet innovative design.



Gloster Teak Bay Collection

This Gloster teak furniture is made with a lifting frame design while still providing plush cushions for your comfort. The back of the frame is upholstered and furniture has an incline connecting to more of a contemporary design for teak. Even has a beautiful lantern table accessory.


Gloster Teak Pepper Marsh Collection

The Pepper Marsh collection by Gloster has a nice mix of outdoor wicker furniture and teak to accent the piece well. It also comes with a deep selection of chairs, tables, and sofas to go with your patio decor quite well. If you are looking for more of a woven look, then this set is for you. It also features a higher back. I am over six feet tall and this is always a factor when looking for a more comfortable set to enjoy. So if you have taller family members they will also appreciate this function.


Final Verdict on Gloster Teak Furniture

For more than 50 years in the business, the Gloster brand of furniture has always been known for their excellence in quality, design and comfort. Although it is not priced for everyones budget, it is highly recommended to go with the best for long term value. It would be a shame to buy a cheap wood patio furniture set and a few years down the line you need to replace it again. Sunbrella fabrics are available for this brand, which means you have the easiest to clean and service fabric that can take total outdoor conditions. You can buy Gloster teak furniture at your local patio furniture retailer or at an online store like Authenteak.