How To Clean Sunbrella Fabric

So you bought the best fabric on the market. But oh no, your husband just spilled red wine on your beige cushions! Let’s dive into how to clean Sunbrella fabric and get everything back to normal.

Sunbrella Fabrics

You might be wondering how to fix this. We all want crisp and clean looking fabrics for years to come. Sunbrella used to have a video on their website years ago where a little boy spilled his whole strawberry ice cream cone right onto the white fabric. Within a few minutes, the process of cleaning it made it look brand new. Anything is possible with Sunbrella fabrics and how to clean them is very easy!

Word of Warning

Please note that some of the ways listed to clean Sunbrella fabric is only suitable for Sunbrella. Other types of fabrics can be ruined and destroyed and need their own types of cleaning methods. Also when attending to spills, dirt and other residue, it is best to start the cleaning process as soon as possible to ensure it does not get embedded into the fibers and sitting over long periods of time.

Cleaning Method Sunbrella Fabrics

Spot Cleaning Method

Soft Bristle Brush, Soap and Water. Scrub the area and let it air dry.


Bleach Method

In this instance you would use one cup of bleach with a quarter of a cup of soap per gallon of water. Once you have applied your bleach solution, give it about 45 minutes to an hour to soak in the material and then rinse it off with clean water and allow for the fabric to air dry. A former coworker of mine used to bleach clean his entire wicker furniture patio set cushions each spring to refresh the fabric to present it for the upcoming season to use and enjoy the furniture. Keeping up with the care of your fabric will make it last longer.

Sunbrella Fabric

The Power of a Solution Dyed Fabric

You might ask, but Mark how can I use bleach without it ruining the fabric? The answer is simple and one of the reasons Sunbrella is the best fabric on the market. How to clean Sunbrella fabrics are all about using the solution dyed material in your advantage of protecting the material. This means that the colors you see are in the very core of the threading and fabric material. This gives you the extra protection against the sun and makes it especially fade resistant. Both layers of color protect the fabric well and prevent damage from using bleach to clean up messes.


Sunbrella Fabric Material

Washing Machine Method

This can be risky if not done properly, but it is a method of how to clean Sunbrella fabric on cushions. You basically want to unzipper the cushion that is dirty and take it out of the foam casing. Once the “fabric jacket” is free you want to make sure to zipper it up and get it ready for the washing machine.

  • Cold Water
  • Delicate Cycle
  • Let it Air Dry


Sailrite is a great company that offers Sunbrella fabric by the yard at discount prices and has made this guide on how to clean Sunbrella fabric. The extra added tip Sailrite recommends is the use of the 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner which you can easily buy on Amazon to help protect the fabric and also aid in cleaning it. Overall, a highly recommended company we have used for hundreds of customers over the years looking to do custom craftwork in their home decor adventures.


Sunbrella on Furniture

This How to Clean Sunbrella Fabric Guide Covers all Materials

The cleaning methods above can be used in boating applications, awnings, patio furniture cushions and other home decor projects where the Sunbrella brand has been chosen. It’s no wonder why this brand continues its success based on fabrics that can withstand the test of time, the beams of the sun and stains.


Let’s Face it.. Messes Happen

Life is wonderful, but at the same time can be very unpredictable. So you are having a great time with your friends or family and someone spills their drink on your favorite fabric. Using the methods provided, you can easily resolve the issue, not make anyone feel bad and refresh the look of your cushions.