How To Decorate a Home Office

In the world we live in where remote working is on the rise and your office can move with you, it is very important to know how to decorate a home office and to design a space that will help you feel comfortable and make your home office allow you to be more effective in your tasks. Today’s special video is brought to you by Maggie Wilson and Carla, who will show you exactly how to start a home office space that works for you!


How To Decorate a Home Office

Plan for the Users and Take Note of Their Home Office Needs

This includes the furniture needed and equipment for the room you will be working in. In my home office, I have a open concept desk with plenty of space for my Imac, keyboard, mouse, phone system and my favorite coffee mug. Others will have different needs depending on the type of work you do but this is very important when working around the furniture and decor you will want.

How To Decorate a Home Office PRO TIP: Always go with an adjustable chair

Since your home office might be used by multiple members of your family, an adjustable chair for different heights is the way to go.  This will allow you to function efficiently and effectively by being at the right level with your computer, phone or whatever other equipment is used by your company.


Positioning of your Home Office

Maggie Wilson and Carla highly recommend you face away from the widow to avoid glaring sunlight as this can be a distraction while trying to accomplish your tasks. It is better to have the window of natural sun coming in to provide a backlight while you can focus on your work that you need to do. Its a tough pill to swallow, but if you live with a beautiful view outside your window you can easily get lost in its beauty for quite some time. This view can be perfect when taking breaks from your tasks and allowing you to take it all in.

Shelving and Organization of your Home Office

I highly recommend using shelving for your home office to keep everything neat and organized. Structure and organization are keys to promote a healthy work environment which will allow you to get more done. Shelving can be done with free standing units or you can build your own on your walls. It’s totally up to you the route you go but make sure if you have kids using the space to put their items in spaces they can reach, while the taller spaces can fit your belongings.

Also make sure to keep items important to you closest on your desk/workstation. These include items like pens, staplers, tablets, notepads.

PRO TIP: Use Storage boxes

This will allow you to put away items neatly and have fun with the design as well. So many decorative storage boxes are available to add cheer, sophistication or peace to your home office. Neat is your best friend for productivity!


The Conference Call Experience in your Home Office

Nowadays conference calls are happening all the time from home so it’s important to keep your space professional and able to convey yourself and your personality. Make sure to keep background art or a backlit window with space to showcase something that’s nice. You can also showcase personality with accessories to the room such as plants and other home accent pieces.

Your personal workspace influences your mood and creativity and makes all the difference. I hope you use these tips on how to decorate a home office to create your dream workplace that will make you love what you do and make the remote experience an enjoyable one!