The Top 5 Types of Wallpaper for Home Decor

Wallpaper represents one of the hottest trends of the moment to give a touch of novelty and style to your home. From hand-painted fabrics to those perfect for outdoor environments, here is a guide to decorating your home with wallpaper.

Decorating your home decor with wallpaper is a way to change a space without too much effort. With wallpaper, it is possible to add depth to an environment and give it a new function and design touch. There are many models, colors, and textures to choose from; here is a guide to some of the best and trending 2021 products:

Adhesive or traditional wallpaper

Before choosing the wallpaper that is right for you, you need to know that today there are two different types. Besides the traditional one, which is applied with glue, there is, in fact, the self-adhesive variant, an alternative that can change your life!

The self-adhesive paper is applied quickly and easily and represents the most practical choice, especially if you are at the first experience. The only rule to follow is to apply it on a dry, clean, and perfectly smooth wall to avoid creating unsightly creases.

The material of the wallpaper

The material can also be different: from classic paper to nylon, to linen, in the most refined variants. Not only that, some models are covered in vinyl and therefore absolutely waterproof and washable so that they can apply them without fear, even on the walls of the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Let us go into the top 5 types of wallpaper!

Retro Wallpaper

  1. The retro wallpaper

Are you looking for a refined yet lively solution? Then opt for wallpaper with colorful leaf motifs, with a retro air. The one from Graham Brown Design is made of paper, is applied with glue, and can be cleaned easily. If you dislike DIY and don’t want to take risks, you can contact a professional for its application.


Leaf Wallpaper

2. The leaf wallpaper

There is nothing more romantic and elegant than a wall covered with maxi green leaves. The one by Newsroom Design is in non-woven fabric and is applied with glue. You can choose it to furnish a somewhat anonymous wall of the entrance or a scenographic effect in the living room, combined with classic furniture.

Brick Wallpaper

3. The brick effect wallpaper

Has your dream always been to have an exposed brick wall in your home? You can then make your wish come true by using wallpaper. NuWallpaper is adhesive and can be easily applied, removed, or repositioned according to your needs without leaving a trace on the walls. In addition, being made of vinyl, it is waterproof and can be washed easily.

Marble Wallpaper

4. Marble wallpaper: marble effect, a return of design effect:

The marble wallpaper, the marble effect, is one of the most sought-after wallpapers on the web. Elegant, romantic, and timeless, it makes us feel like a princess wandering around in a castle full of shiny and marble coverings. From the delicate pink, which envelops the house in a precious cloud, perfect to combine with tone-on-tone furnishings, to the aqua green that recalls the waves of the sea, they are versatile shades, to which you can combine different styles and colors, especially pastel ones, but even with bolder colors.


Words Wallpaper

5. Murals: design wallpaper with writings

The daydream for those who wrote on the walls as a child and were continually recalled by their parents is the wallpaper with writings. Messages are repeated and interspersed as reminders, whether it is a phrase that we carry in our hearts or a famous verse.

Whether it’s a corner of the house, perhaps where we hole up to read a book, or in the bedroom, a sentence written in italics immediately gives us that feeling of familiarity, makes us feel welcomed. For example, the living room is a very popular choice; it gives elegance and uniqueness to the environment, inviting conviviality.

In Conclusion:

Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.