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Welcome to Home Decor Max! Your one stop source for all things Home related from A-Z. Articles, Pictures and Videos highlight your experience as you learn all of the wonders of home design and decor. Our home must reflect who we are; it must tell our story, style, and tastes; it must be the environment that identifies and distinguishes us. Exploring different ways to transform your living spaces such as Coastal, Cottage, Tropical, Traditional and Contemporary are perfect home decor styles that will make your room from ordinary to extraordinary. Come join us on the journey as we go through Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Porches, Sunrooms, Offices and Outdoor areas with tips and guides on how to maximize your style and make your house a home!

Home Decor Materials

Enter the space of finding the right frame for your furniture and accessories. Home decor furniture can be made of aluminum, wood, teak, wicker, rattan, bamboo, and various synthetic materials. Picking the right material will determine on your goal and what you want to achieve. For example wicker furniture is a classic favorite on front porches, rattan furniture is delightful in a sunroom and teak furniture shines in total outdoor living spaces. It all depends on the homeowner, the region of the world that you live in and current trends within the home and garden industry. Just make sure that the furniture and themes you are going with make you happy to spend each and every moment in that room. Home decor is a fun and exciting world with so many options, stores to buy from and people to share it with!


Outdoor Patio Furniture


Home Decor is an Art!

Enjoy the process of learning and don’t be afraid to try something out that is a little out of the box. I have seen so many interesting ways to present a room over the years. Find your flow and look to complete areas with great color groupings that make a room stand out. Give it that “visual pop” as you will discover what you truly enjoy. Become the artist in your home and accept all feedback from loved ones/guests to give you an idea of how the rooms are being perceived from other perspectives. Home decor is a life long process and you will always have a project to do. Have fun and take pride in your work, we will always be here for you with fresh updated content!