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4 Backyard Projects That Increase Home Value for Sellers

4 Backyard Projects That Increase Home Value for Sellers

Home selling guidelines frequently emphasise the value of curb appeal – how appealing your front garden is to potential buyers. Undoubtedly, curb appeal is critical to increasing the value of your home when it goes on the market, but it is not the only factor to consider.

While your garden cannot claim to make a “first impression,” it does leave an indelible impact. Prospective homebuyers enjoy imagining themselves relaxing in the backyard, cooking, reading, and watching their children play. Polls demonstrate that purchasers will pay a premium for the privilege.

It this essay, we will discuss four of the best value-adding backyard projects. If you’re doing these projects primarily for resale, consult with a reputable listing agent beforehand; they’ll be able to tell you more about what local buyers want.

Backyard Kitchens

Backyard kitchens are quite popular among buyers. They not only expand a home’s functional living area, but they also embody larger themes such as community, warmth, and making the most of a short summer.

We’re not talking about one rusting barbecue and a prep table. Consider installing a ventilated range, a high-quality outdoor grill, vent hoods, and a kitchen island to create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor kitchen. It’s a large endeavour, to be sure, but some credible sources estimate a return on investment of 100% to 200%.

Lush gardens

Readers of this blog are accustomed to good gardening. Fortunately, you can turn your pastime into a successful home project.

Homebuyers want vibrant, well-kept, and stunning gardens. Nowadays, they are increasingly looking for food gardens or native plant gardens. Some experts warn that creating an extremely elaborate or labor-intensive garden may intimidate some purchasers (who are understandably concerned about maintenance), so keep your project on the modest side.

Water features

If you’re a homebuyer, you’re asking your realtor to meet a few specific requirements. You’re asking them to identify your ideal neighbourhood; you want them to pass along inventory of the appropriate size and design; and, most importantly, you want them to find properties with certain outside features.

To target these homebuyers, make sure your listing stands out. One of the greatest ways to accomplish this is to include water features, which is one of the most common requests among buyers. These features could include a pool, pond, fountain, or waterfall – anything that adds a pleasant, naturalistic touch to your backyard. Again, contact with a reputable agent to see if these characteristics sell well in your area.

A fire pit.

According to Apartment Therapy, a fire pit offers a 500% ROI! It appears too wonderful to be true, but the report cites a valid NAR study.

Part of the project’s remarkable ROI can be attributed to its low upfront cost. The cost of fire pits has dropped dramatically in recent years, making the entry barrier much lower. At the same time, demand for yards with fire pits has grown (perhaps because to the pandemic’s emphasis on cosy outdoor experiences). Whatever the cause, a fire pit is a safe, dependable, and reasonably simple home project for the backyard.

If you’re selling your home, consult with the best realtors in your area to devise a strategy for your backyard. Consider the projects listed above to attract a varied group of buyers.


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