write for us real estate


write for us real estate

A: Write for Us About Travel & Culture, Furniture & Home Decor, and Lifestyle

Do you want to share your thoughtful pieces online on a travel, furniture & home decor, lifestyle, or cultural blog? Would you like to share your experiences and advice with a large group of people who share your views while still being sincere and using sound logic? If so, you’ve arrived at the right location. You are welcome to write for us since we only have two requirements: sincerity and quality.

We at cityfurnish.com invite guest writers to submit articles if they have anything original and fascinating to contribute about any aspect of living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

Articles that provide helpful pointers and advice on a variety of subjects, including furniture, home décor, relationships, outdoor living, health and fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle design, are of particular interest to us.

Please send us your article for review if you think it would be a suitable fit for our blog.

B: Why write for us?

You will gain the following benefits by writing for us:

  • You can improve the traffic and authority of your own website by using the strong domain authority of our website.
  • Our website gets a lot of organic traffic, and it is expanding quickly. This implies that a lot of people will read your post, which will help you get more exposure and grow your readership.
  • Long after it is published, your content will stay online and bring authority and traffic to your website.
  • Sharing your knowledge will give you the pleasure of knowing that you have aided others.

C: Guidelines for Guest Posts:

These are the rules you ought to abide by while sending us your piece.


Every piece needs to be entirely original and distinctive. Plagiarism, recycled information, and spun pieces are not appropriate. Copyscape is what we employ to look for duplicate material.

Word Count

Articles ought to have a minimum word count of 800. Longer articles (2000–2500 words) will be prioritised, though, as they usually perform better.

Subjects You Can Compose for Us

Your piece needs to be important to the goal of our website, which is to improve people’s lives. This could be anything ranging from:

  • Furnishings and Décor Fitness for Health Style Beauty Vacation Snapshots
  • Hotels with a spiritual attitude
  • Sports, entertainment, shopping, and living design
  • Individual growth
  • Healthy living: hikes, camping, and yoga
  • Connections global news


Every piece ought to be written in an approachable, helpful, and upbeat manner.

Spoken Word

Every piece needs to be well-written and free of spelling and punctuation mistakes. Only English-language pieces are accepted.


Kindly use H2/H3 tags in your article’s formatting for subheadings and brief paragraphs (three to four words each). This facilitates readers’ skimming of your piece.


It takes one picture, at least 800 pixels wide, to be the featured image. Additionally, if you have any extra pertinent photographs (at least 800 pixels wide) that you would like to submit with your story, do so.

D: Who Is Able to Write?

We are happy to work with brands, individual bloggers, and SEO agencies. You don’t have to be an expert on your subject to write about what you are passionate about.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you think you have something insightful to share that could benefit our readers.

E: How to Send in Your Writing

Please include a brief synopsis of yourself and your motivation for writing about this problem, along with your idea for an article. We anticipate speaking with you.


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