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The New York Real Estate Brokerage Exam

Advice for Getting Into The New York Real Estate Brokerage Exam

The New York State real estate salesperson exam is difficult; only about 60% of candidates pass it on their first try and more than 80% on their second.

Examinees have 90 minutes to complete the 75 multiple-choice questions. You must therefore answer 53 questions correctly in order to pass, with a score of 70% or better.

The exam is a typical anxiety test, particularly when it’s determining whether you’ll receive the licence that you need for your line of work.

But there are things you may do to help you relax in order to get ready for the test, like rehearsing with previous tests or with a friend or relative.

How Can I Pass the Exam for a New York Real Estate License?

  • As is well known, passing the exam is necessary to earn a real estate licence. You could pass the test if you adhered to the standards for a real estate licence in New York.
  • But in order to pass this test, you’ll need some advice and guidelines.
  • Some advice on how to successfully pass the New York real estate licence exam is provided below.
  1. Ascertain Your Factor of Passage

  • The exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions that are taken from the 75-hour pre-licensing curriculum.
  • You will also have an hour and a half to finish the test. For you to pass during this time, you must properly answer at least 70% of the questions.
  • Once you are aware of the precise numbers that will enable you to pass, planning gets simpler.
  • Additionally, with multiple-choice exams, you can start with the wrong answer and work your way back to the right one. With this method, your probability of choosing the correct response can rise from 25% to 50–75%.
  1. Recognize your syllabus

  • Real estate licencing tests are extensive and require a solid grasp of the ethical and legal ramifications of the real estate sector.
  • As such, candidates must commit a substantial quantity of information to memory for these exams. Usually, this knowledge has to do with terms, practices, and regulations related to real estate.
  • If you have finished the pre-license course, though, you need to feel confident in your knowledge and abilities and be well-prepared for the New York real estate exam.

The New York real estate licence exam covers the following subjects:

  • State Licensing Laws and Rules Legal Matters.
  • Legal Matters.
  • The Agency Law.
  • Just housing.
  • money.
  • Properties for Investment and Commercial Use.
  • Taxes and insurance.
  • Evaluation.
  • Land Utilisation.
  • agreements.
  • Mutual aid and cooperatives.
  • Asset Administration.
  • Environmental Issues with Construction.
  1. Get Ready with Sample Questions

  • Taking practice exams will help you get better prepared for the real estate exam. Track down a reliable service that can assist in determining your strengths, shortcomings, and opportunities for development.
  • You also need to familiarise yourself with the format, timing, and question types of the exam.
  • Acquiring knowledge of mathematical formulas for typical real estate computations, such as profit and loss, mortgage interest, commissions, down payments, and closing prorations, can also be beneficial.
  • Nevertheless, regardless of particular figures and circumstances, you can obtain precise answers by attentively reading questions and applying the right formulas.
  1. Steer clear of studying alone.

  • It can be difficult but enjoyable to study for a licence exam. Finding a study companion can assist in sharing the burden and preserving motivation.
  • Furthermore, productive study sessions depend on having a well-thought-out plan. So, go over the pre-license course materials again, make sure you have taken copious notes, and highlight any important concepts.
  • Quiz each other on these subjects using flashcards. Aim for 60-minute sessions at a time and prioritise quality over quantity.
  • In order to prevent burnout and revitalise your mind, take regular pauses. When you have a committed study partner and the appropriate strategy, you can feel secure and well-prepared on exam day.
  • When it comes to study sessions, always choose quality over quantity.
  1. You Are Not Able to Skip Anything

  • Make good use of your time and thoroughly read each sentence and word in order to pass the real estate exam. Answering questions accurately can be hampered by misunderstandings.
  • To prevent errors, make sure the question number on your answer sheet corresponds with the sheet.
  • If you’re unsure of the answer, nevertheless, venture a reasonable guess. Fill out the answer page completely, leaving no blank spots.
  • Review past quizzes and tests to rewrite any questions you missed on the test and ensure you have the right answer on test day.
  • Noting down any question you don’t know the answer to helps you learn it by heart and pinpoint areas where you may improve. Those with busy schedules might make the most of their study time by concentrating on incorrect responses.
  • Pay more attention to the questions you missed than to the ones you got right. You should also mix up the questions you got right by including those that were similar in structure, language, and topic.


Here are a few useful responses to some commonly asked queries:

  1. How much time does one have to pass before retaking the New York real estate licence exam?
  • Please keep in mind that you can only book one exam at a time when making your schedule.
  • You can immediately arrange another exam without having to wait the required amount of time if you obtain a poor grade on the state exam.

Q2. Can I Pass the Real Estate Licensing Exam in New York on My First Try?

  • It takes a lot of time and effort to study well enough to do well on the state exam.
  • The significance of thorough planning cannot be overemphasized, even though it might seem apparent. Success ultimately depends on having the necessary abilities and expertise, regardless of how many tips and tactics one may use.
  • To increase one’s chances of passing the state exam, it is imperative to give careful, concentrated study top priority.

Q3. How many times is the New York Real Estate Licensing Test available for retakes?

  • There is no restriction on how many times you can retake the state exam if you failed it the first time.
  • Until you have enough confidence to pass the exam again, keep studying and getting ready.
  • But go through your notes, pinpoint your areas of weakness, and look for extra help, like a study group or tutor.
  • You can pass the state exam if you put in the necessary effort and perseverance!

Get Ready!

A top New York school requires students to pass the school exam after completing a 77-hour real estate course in order to be eligible for the state exam.

Success depends on passing the school exam, which is typically more difficult than the state exam. For an extra charge, schools frequently offer exam prep crash courses. It’s critical to assess your aptitude when making plans and studying.

So the easiest approach to getting ready is to read the book very carefully and memorise key phrases and formulas.

Steer clear of the same mistake that lead to someone failing the exam after reading only the first half of the book.


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