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Unwavering Bond Between Garden and House

The Unwavering Bond Between Garden and House

Traditionally, people have thought of the house and garden as two separate spaces with different purposes. However, creating a link between them can unify the indoor and outside areas of your house, improving the overall design concept and the quality of your living space.

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These are some suggestions to help your home and landscape become more harmonious.

Make the most of your windows.

One of the easiest ways to visually and physically connect the areas is to use windows and doors carefully. Two further benefits of doing this are that it adds light and gives the house a brighter, more airy vibe.

An unhindered view of the outside can be brought inside with the help of large picture windows and floor to ceiling glass. Sliding or bi-fold glass doors opened to the garden can establish a common area between the inside and outside of your house.

Consider installing a window that showcases a distinctive outside feature or lets in light from the yard if your home’s architecture does not lend itself to sliding doors. For example, you could wish to highlight a gorgeous pond or the tree at the garden’s end. By emphasising these qualities using outdoor lighting, you may be able to maintain a sense of connection to the garden at night.

Bring nature indoors

Your home design can help create a conscious and subconscious link between indoor and outdoor spaces by incorporating natural materials and plants. Any visual sight lines or connecting paths that go into the garden should have the areas around them closely observed.

To create a sensory link between the outside and indoor spaces, bring some of the same plants and flowers inside. Use materials such as wood, bamboo, terracotta, and stone to create the appearance of natural elements like flowers, leaves, and bark.

Play around with the patterns, colours, and textures.

Upon crossing the barrier between the two regions, a physical link can be established by using the identical materials in both. Natural stone, hardwood decking, or Mediterranean mosaic tiles could be used for this. Garden ornaments, wind chimes, or a water feature could even be included into your interior design to emphasise the connection to the outside space.

Make an outside room

You may improve the connection between your house and garden by creating an outside space that is influenced by interior design. An outdoor room that blends covered and open spaces might be a good alternative to a traditional patio.

Sliding doors from the kitchen can be combined with a canopy or other covering to create an area that dissolves the lines between indoor and outdoor areas. Partial walling can divide the space and provide some weather protection, while a sturdy floor and pendant lighting will give the impression that you are inside.

This is a great method to increase the amount of usable space in your house without having to pay for a building extension.


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