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Originating in Southern Europe’s coastal regions, this design embodies the spirit of sun-kissed vistas, blue oceans, and rustic appeal. Its classic elegance, cosy colours, and laid-back atmosphere make it stand out.

Adding Mediterranean design features to your house will instantly transport you to the picturesque Mediterranean coast, regardless of whether you live in a gorgeous country villa or a busy flat in the city.


  • The rich history and rustic beauty of the area should be reflected in the furnishings you choose. Your home will feel earthy and organic with pieces made of natural materials like wood, wrought iron, and rattan.
  • Seek out pieces of furniture that have elaborate details that evoke the artistry of Mediterranean architecture, such as finely carved details or inlaid mosaic tiles. Think of using upholstery with bright colours that mimic the sun-drenched Mediterranean scenery, such as ochre, azure, and terracotta.
  • To embrace the spirit of this style, use classic pieces like wrought iron bed frames, distressed wooden tables, and arched-back chairs.

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  • Change the walls in a way that transports you to the Mediterranean. Select wallpaper patterns with images of vineyards or picturesque landscapes to invoke the beauty of the natural world. You might even utilise elaborate tile designs modelled after classic Mediterranean ceramics.
  • Adopt earthy hues like sun-baked terracotta, olive green, and sandy beige to bring life and warmth into your design.
  • By adding dazzling gold leaf designs or metallic embellishments to accent walls, you may take it a step further. This creates an air of opulence, evoking memories of the opulent mansions and castles scattered along the coast.

Installing flooring

  • In this home design, utilising natural materials to the greatest extent possible is highly valued. To create cosiness and character, consider using terracotta tiles, natural stone, or oak flooring with a worn appearance. Select tiles with uneven edges, stones with organic variances in colour and texture, or rustic-looking reclaimed wood to embrace the beauty of flaws. Each attempts to capture the intriguing qualities of Mediterranean architecture.
  • Decorative mosaic tiles, with their lovely and classic designs, can also be used to give your flooring a touch of classic elegance.


  • Choose décor wisely to showcase the natural beauty and cultural legacy of the Mediterranean throughout your room. To bring a bit of artisanal craftsmanship into your house, utilise accessories made of terracotta, ceramics, and pottery.
  • To add some Mediterranean flair to your home, arrange ornamental items like Moroccan lanterns, hand-painted tiles, and different types of finely woven linens.
  • Remember to incorporate elements of nature! With potted plants, dried flowers, and woven baskets, you may create an organic atmosphere indoors. Seashells and driftwood are two nautical décor items that you may use to honour the waters as well.


  • To completely embrace the Mediterranean interior style, you’ll want to take full use of natural light. To let the sunlight stream into your home and give it a pleasant, revitalising glow, choose sheer curtains or woven blinds.
  • Adopt warm, diffused lighting to create a homely, welcoming ambiance evocative of sunsets in the Mediterranean. Use elegant fixtures like glass lanterns inspired by classic Mediterranean workmanship, pendant lights with delicate filigree motifs, or wrought iron sconces. Incorporate soft, ambient lighting sources like lanterns, string lights, and candles to enhance the overall design.


  • Using a colour scheme influenced by nature can help you to capture the vivid scenery of the Mediterranean. Make azure blue, sun-baked terracotta, sandy beige, and olive green the main colours in your colour palette. Bring your home to life by using warm, earthy colours that imitate the sun-kissed scenery.
  • To add depth and visual interest to your décor, think about using vibrant flashes of colour like saffron, coral, and turquoise. Bold accents can also be well-balanced with neutral hues like creamy white or sandy beige.

How To Design An Interior Mediterranean Style

  • Mediterranean interiors radiate a feeling of timeless beauty, embodying the laid-back vibe and rustic appeal of the Southern European shoreline. By combining aspects like warm colours, natural materials, and elaborate detailing, you can turn your house into a haven of warmth, vibrancy, and refinement.
  • You may instantly go to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea coast, regardless of where you now reside—in a busy metropolis or a serene rural area. All by building a haven where you may relax, rejuvenate and take in the splendour of living by the sea.


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